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Focus on Value Chain

Yes, you CAN measure – and communicate – the value of information products and services for achieving business goals.

Years of work with Jinfo clients have enabled us to develop a flexible, effective three-step process for articulating, measuring and enhancing value.

You can work through the three steps – foundation, validation, application – with a recorded webinar explaining the concepts, accompanied by a hands-on activity (PDF) where you can practice applying them.

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Work on your own – Content

Use the activities outlined and described below to analyse, develop and report on your contributions to value in your organisation

Step 1: Foundation


Foundation of Value Chain Analysis
(12 mins)

Activity (PDF)

Draft Analysis of Value
(4 pages)

Step 2: Validation


Validating your hypothesis
(10 mins)

Activity (PDF)

Creating your Validation Plan
(12 pages)

Step 3: Application


Making data meaningful

Activity (PDF)

Piloting Value Chain Analysis

How do other information teams do it? Community dialogue

There's no "right" way to analyse your Value Chain. Jinfo Community sessions offer the opportunity to discuss the process, challenges and results with peers:

Report (PDF)

Community deck - Value Chain foundation – mastering the mindset
(13 pages)


"We engaged with Jinfo Consulting to conduct Value Chain analysis to understand how our customers generate revenue and where our services in the research group add the most value. After working through the analysis, it was clear where we could best help the business grow value – and demonstrate to them our value. As a result, we were able to fine-tune our strategy, services and outreach. We are now building core services specific to the parts of the Value Chain where we have the greatest impact."

Information Manager, insurance industry

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Additional background on the core principles

"Documenting the value chain" was constructed as an initial analysis of the primary goals of most organisations.

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